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Discover our fully automated AI software that seamlessly integrates into your fan sites to detect stolen content and piracy on the web and have it automatically taken down through DMCA notices and delistings.

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Our Platform Features

See and Fight All Content Leaks in One Place with LegalFans

Our Full-Service Solution helps you track your content across the internet, prevent illegal sharing, and increase your creator income by protecting your livelihood.

Directly Integrate to your Content-Platform-Vault and automate DMCA Requests & Search Engine Delisting to reclaim your property

Stop the uncontrolled spread of your valuable premium content without complex and costly measures by using our fully automated AI algorithm solution.

Legal Fans AI-Algorithm will track Public Posts, Subscription Pictures and Videos, Private Messages and Livestreams.

You can choose from our pricing plans to have your preferred content supervised. Our software is able to track everything that has ever been added to your account, no matter if you shared it with everyone, only a few people, or just a single user.

100% Privacy! No Passwords Required: simply download our free Chrome Extension

Create an account, download our extension, and our plug and play solution will start automatically without you sharing any private information or us logging into your OnlyFans account. Your privacy is maintained.

Manage and Track all of your detected content leaks, and easily follow up on the deletion requests that we issue

The LegalFans Web-App offers an overview of all detected leaks. There you have the opportunity to stop automated DMCA claims and to follow up on the ones we made. In addition you get detailled evaluations and reports on successful claims

We provide premium customer support for all inquiries and questions

You will never need to scroll through the chat again to see if a fan already received a picture or video. Seamlessly view which content you’ve already sent out, so you don’t send the same thing twice


8 out of 10 Consumers and would pay for a subscription if they did not find any leaks

According to an internal study, we found that over 80% of consumers questioned are looking for a specific model, and thus would be willing to pay for the subscription if free, leaked content is not available.


Tax Deductible: As a creator or agency, you can deduct our invoices as a business expense


Take Legal Actions: Claim damages from copyright infringers

Soon, we can identify and measure damages caused by content infringers, and our lawyers will help you pursue legal action for compensation.

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How To Use LegalFans

Software Functions & Overview

Discover LegalFans Software – Your Ultimate Leak Removal Solution! Explore its features and functions with our step-by-step video guide.  Streamline your leak detection processes effortlessly. 

How To Download the Extension

Discover a step-by-step guide on how to download our exclusive LegalFans Plugin on Google Chrome. Due to age restrictions, there might be some minor challenges that we help you walk around.

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We understand that everyone’s content needs are unique. That’s why we offer a range of pricing plans tailored to your specific needs. Sign up for our free basic plan today and receive a personalized, 100% transparent offer designed just for you.

LegalFans is programmed to act like a human.

The use of the software is 100% safe and remains your privacy at any time.


Our Agencies Tool: Working across accounts in one application

Take over copyright management for your agency. Benefit from our attractive agency rates starting from 3 accounts. Get a personalized offer through our contact form at the bottom right.

The Benefits of Our Agency Deal:

  • Extended onboarding support
  • Free monthly user cancellations
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  • Agency administration dashboard
  • Extended creator statistics

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Frequently Asked Questions

These questions are often asked by our customers.

When registering with LegalFans, we continuously monitor your OnlyFans content through our plugin. Our state-of-the-art algorithm constantly scrapes the internet for images that are the same or have a high similarity. We carefully double-check the results and display any leaks in our app dashboard.

While we scan your uploaded pictures, the tab must remain open. However, you do not need to stay focused on this tab. You are free to engage in other activities, as the plugin operates in the background.

Whenever we detect leaks, you have the chance to double-check if it was not posted by you within 48 hours. Afterward, we file a DMCA request to the provider of the hosted content, requesting them to take down the stolen images. Our system automatically tracks if the takedown notice was successful and, if not, we are able to make legal claims against the copyright infringer.
The software can be used on mobile devices to access leaks, deletion requests, and statistics. However, uploading pictures requires the Chrome plugin, which is not available on mobile devices.

While we scan your uploaded pictures, the tab must remain open. However, you do not need to stay focused on this tab. You are free to engage in other activities, as the plugin operates in the background.

LegalFans is designed to safeguard the content of OnlyFans creators. Our software also enables agencies to manage multiple creator accounts from a single platform. If you are interested in our services, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.